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Jaime Dreyfus

Expressions II

Catherine McKechnie, Sharon Ford,
Theresa Early Newbern, Aimee Jo

Several years ago, Elizabeth left her her life as an executive to pursue her passion and love of art.  Her artwork includes a variety of different styles and sizes.  One day, while reading the book Power vs. Force inspiration struck and the Change With Integrity exhibit was born.  This collection of paintings asks its viewers to reflect on 140 sets of words.  According to Hawkins, by simply becoming aware of and reflecting on these contrasting pairs of qualities, a person can raise their own consciousness.  Elizabeth’s intention is for these paintings to serve as a tool for personal growth.  Learn more about the artist and her collections at

Past Exhibitions


Andrea Zuill



April 7 – May 6 2017





This group exhibition focuses on domesticity and the nostalgia of the home.
Homes are filled with memories. They can be promising. They can be desolate.
A home is unique to each individual and “Welcome to the Abode”
presents a collective concept of the home.

Curated by Beatriz Esparragoza, EAP Gallery Manager

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