In the Escondido Municipal Gallery a group show of regional artists
whose works portray at least one of The Four Elements.

“Fire, Air, Earth and Water are the foundation of our physical reality.
They provide variety, beauty, atmosphere, movement, sound and sometimes destruction within our life experience. These four elements inspire artists in different ways.Each artist expressed that inspiration using a variety of materials, mark making,strokes, palettes etc. The pieces submitted are much like the Elements themselves, having the ability to capture our attention and draw us in for a closer look. Like the Elements,
this collection of art is a gift to the viewer.” – Juror Deb Gargula
The PhotoArts Group‘s exhibition of photography as seen through the
View Finder in the Innerspace Gallery. A group show in Gallery Too with Virginia Cole, Linda Doll and Carol Mansfield.
In the artist studios and hall walls are Renee Richetts, Bob Barry, Patrick Brown, Scott Gengelbach, Virginia Cole, Martita Foss,  Daniel Hernandez, Bettina Heinz, Robert Rose, and Woody Woodaman. 
“The  Society for Orphaned and Wayward Art” is having a sale of donated artworks in the Expressions Gallery benefiting EAP’s art programs.
  Cafe Cultura arts and podcast series features Aled Anaya,  
 local artist and muralist in the Golden Gallery.

Please keep in mind we will be adhering to all 
health and safety protocols.

The Escondido Arts Partnership Operates 
The Escondido Certified Farmer’s Market
Tuesdays 2:30PM to 7:00PM

Stop by to grab your fresh locally grown veggies, honey, snacks, locally crafted products, hot food vendors and more.

Are you an artist or simply love the arts? Your membership opens the door to programs that enrich and inspire the community. Please find the form on the  members page or sign up in the gallery.
Expressions Gallery and Wall Spaces are available to rent by the month for solo or group exhibitions.

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