Our Mission

The EAP strengthens and enriches our community as a cultural destination through the power of the arts.


The EAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts agency established in December 1995. The Escondido Arts Partnership Gallery provides a destination for visitors in downtown Escondido and is home to over 400 local artists. We offer free ongoing arts education, monthly exhibitions with free entry, and performance space. The venue is in a historically registered main street building close to public transportation and ADA compliant.
The Escondido Municipal Gallery is a free community space where all ages can learn about art and community issues through creative expression and hands-on activities. We  focus on programs that engage the public in an environment where they can explore their artistic visions. Monthly themed exhibitions like Art & Science, Emerging Artists Student Exhibition, Fiber Arts, Recycled Art, “Wood: a Furniture Show”, challenge regional artists to create new work to be viewed. The EAP’s programs support an environment of creativity and communication, and in this way, we secure artistic excellence now and for our future.
We operate the California State Certified Escondido Farmers’ Market. This weekly event promotes the farms of our agricultural region as well as the local artisans and cottage industry purveyors. Engaging with our community at the market builds connections and creates hope for our town’s economy. We encourage supporting local agriculture, businesses and the arts to cultivate a healthy and sustainable future. When we all work together, we do our best work. 
As we border with Mexico, and being a military town San Diego is one of the most racially diverse regions in the United States of America.
By our very nature as an art venue for local artists, our practices and principles actively encourage and value engagement by any race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. We want to ensure we get enough artistic vision and input to amplify the voices, ideas, and solutions of people from the most vulnerable communities. In order to do this successfully, we recognize that diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice must be core values of our organization. Art events by regional artists can create a deliberate dialogue about public issues concerning inclusion.

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Escondido Arts Partnership
Board of Directors

  • Veronica Anderson-Cain – Chair 
  • Kim Hutson de Belle
  • Robert O’Sullivan – Secretary
  • Jan Bourgeois
  • Petey Dietz
  • Brian Murphy
  • Carol Mansfield
  • Gail Eason
  • Richard “Woody” Woodaman

Chrisanne Moats – Executive  Director
Katie Werner– Gallery Manager
Ruby Fletcher – Teen Intern