Jury Results

Bob Stevenson, Charles Gunderson, Steve Alwardt, Bill Bardick, Jerry Beaudry, Brian Carnett, Victor Dinovi,
Paul Duffield, Russ Filbeck, Reuben Foat, Hal Gorss, Terry Holzgreen, Wesley Johnson, David Marr,
Frankie McWhirt, Brian Murphy, Cliff Papik, Louis Plante, Bruce Pottorff,  Paul Schurch, Peter Sidlauskas,
Henry Strause, Tom Thornton, Stephen Wilson, Mike West, Ed White,
and students of Palomar  College Cabinet and Furniture Technology Department

Thank You to sponsors of this exhibition
Don Manor, GL Veneer,  Veneer Tech, Strata Forest Products, Amana Tools,
Hettich America, Franklin America, Peak Tool Works,  Escondido Sunrise Rotary

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