A wonderful way to support the Escondido Arts Partnership and flourish as an artist is to become a member! Members take on a variety of roles, from installing exhibitions to participating in shows themselves. All experience the unique feeling of community and creativity that a membership to the Escondido Art Partnership provides. So, whether you are an artist or a lover of art, please consider becoming a member in this unique and essential organization.

The EAP offers five levels of Membership:

  • Individual…$50
    Benefits: 20% off of submission and event rental fees, an admission in the annual “Members Only” Exhibition in July, and a section in the EAP Member Binder for artist statement, resume, and up to 3 photograph examples of artwork.
  • Family *up to 4 members at the same mailing address…$75
    Same as Individual Benefits.
  • Student / Military *with valid ID…$25
    Same as Individual benefits
  • Associate…$100
    Includes Individual benefits, a link to your website on the Escondido Arts Partnership’s website, and up to two e-blast announcements with access to our online mailing audience.
  • Professional…$250
    Includes Associate benefits, a hosted webpage on the Escondido Arts Partnership’s website including your artist’s statement, resume, and up to five images with two updates per year.
Membership Application

Current Members

Liz Alborn
Chris Monette Appleton
Juanita Ayson
Sing Baker
Danni Bao
Sherry & Jan Beaton
Amy Bekier
Beverly Bell
Nanette E. Benson-Schlax
Chris Bergstrom
Josh Benz
Shant Beudjekian
Don “Dok” Blanchard
Neta Bourlas
Stephen Boskin
Mary Brown
Alyson Butterfield
Jill Campbell
Christine Carino
Joey Chaves
Richard Baer Chau-Davis
Dolores Christensen
Stephen Cook
Susan Coppock
Carlos Efren Cornejo
Mehdi Dadgar-Kiani
Sue Ann Daffara
Warren Davis
Lee A. Decker
Lois DeLisi
Kathy & Casey Derengowski
Isabela C. Diamond
Jackie Diaz
Melora “Petey” Dietz
Betsy T. Domanski
Carol Dowling
Jaime Dreyfus
Catherine C. Dudley
Michael A. Duke
James F. Elliott
Steve Faver
Melinda Finn
Gregory Fischer
Doris Fisk

John A. Foltz
Janet Fry
Mary Gaines
Regina Gallegos
Helen Shafer Garcia
Robert Garner
Scott Gengelbach
Wendy Gibson
Robert Grant
Sheevaun Goff
Debbie Hall
Ron Ham
Lynn Hanchrow
Carol Hand
Wendy Harrison
Brittany Heskitt
Kim Hirsch
Patricia A. Hunter
Colton Holloman
Angela Jackson
Nancy Jennings
Eric H. Johnson
Bradley Kaskin
Janet Keto
David King
Teresa Kokke
Nicolas Kuenzi
Cherrie LaPorte
Nancy K. Lee
David Lenhert
Monica Martin
Teri McHale
Mikaela McLeish
Mike Nagatani
Behzad Nazary
Carolyn Nespolo
Suzanne Nicholaisen
Louis Nidorf
Pax Nidorf
Darla Nyren
Norm Olson
Linda L. Oster
Lorraine Page

Beverly Pecunia
Sande Pence
Janet Perkin
Carol Perry
Veronica Preciado
Jack Quintero
Marsha Rafter
Robin Reid
Carrie Repking
Kim Rhoads
Wayne Richard
Brian Riley
Dawn Rivas
James Darrell Rocke
Monica Royal
Barbara Ruys
Karen Samenow
Barbara Scharnau
Diana Schulman
Carole T. Slief
LaRetta Small-Zamora
Dennis Smith
Sharon Soberon
Roseanne Sobkow
Vita Sorrentino
Patric Stillman
William Thomas
Patricia Titus
Nicole Toesca
Arlene Tuttle
Stephen Vodhanel
Mary Waring
Marjorie Weaver
Michael West
Ann Westbrook
Leland Womack
Woody Woodaman


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