Juanita Ayson

Juanita Ayson

The Artist Within The Artist Without

I am examining the Creative force
That must be when tapped into.
Whom withers and dies when left unattended.
Who screams for attention
on deaf ears
Wiggles and angers
She becomes depressed and absent
Life meanders without direction and purpose.
Craziness shows up
The mind confuses
No don’t slip and slide, no don’t dwindle and die
Design and Dance
Dabble in color
Touch the music from your heart
Close your eyes to see
The soul as a magician and as
Majestic as God.
She paints the world on the canvas in the sky
and flies like a butterfly, soars like an eagle, flutters like the hummingbird upon planets on high
and yet she never left
the chair upon she sits
wearing a robe of blue skies
sprinkled with sparkling stars
a rainbow trim.
She is an artist within
a suffering artist without.

As an Expressionist, I often collage to represent the existence of what we see in the world juxtaposed with what we see and feel in our internal world. Reality is always ambiguous, tinted by past experience and providing our own perspective.

          My paintings, once completed, are not just about me anymore, they are open to the viewers experience of the symbols and archetypes. Your reality while taking in the image is always the right interpretation although different from someone else.

        Art making familiarizes me with the creator within, gives me glimpses of who I am and provides a tool to resolve my emotions. I feel empowered again.


Empowerment is the ability to create our world, our life, the way we envision it to be—if we can dream it we can create it. If we see it in our minds eye, we can make it real. You have the ability to manifest, you do create.


                One day I realized I had not painted for many months. As an Expressionist, art making was a survival tool. Evaluating the dilemma, I realized I most often painted angst. When I completed a painting is when there was resolution. Well, this particular day there was no disappointments, confusion, anger or hurts. I was happy and had sustained this happiness for quite a while. What was I going to paint? The answer was Mandalas with Sacred Geometry…peace.

        There is now, two sides of me expressed in my art making, the troubled Expressionist and the peaceful painter of mandalas.

I portray of my experience with people, the love, disappointments, and miraculous moments.